Dallas Drywall Repair

Major accidents, heavy storms, or fluke events can cause tremendous damage to your home, including ruining the drywall that is such an all-important part of your walls. Despite its usefulness, drywall is actually a surprisingly sensitive material. Water damage can cause it to warp and fall apart as well as fuel mold growth. A sharp impact can place an unsightly hole that is difficult to patch. Smoke damage can leave odor-causing particles stuck in the drywall itself.

If you’re looking for a contractor to conduct your Dallas drywall repair services, look to the team at RealRestores. Offering years of experience and one of the metroplex’s most trusted names in property restoration and repair, we can take care of your drywall issues with ease. We offer everything from simple fixes to complete drywall restoration, including rehanging new drywall when necessary. This is yet another reason why our restoration services are so trusted throughout the community—we take carte of so many aspects of every project in-house, and that means a faster conclusion and better results.

Choose RealRestores and let us handle all of your drywall damage. Contact us online or at (469) 489-5561 to schedule service today.

    “Amazing company with some of the best customer service. I would recommend their work to anyone in the DFW. If you want real prices from real people that do real work, then this is the company.”

    Cody M.

Drywall Replacement & Remediation

If water, smoke, or other physical damage has wreaked havoc on your drywall, your home or business may look poor and you may feel unsafe due to what can happen with damaged drywall. Not only is drywall damage an invitation for pests to get in, but it could also mean mold growth that reduces your indoor air quality and could make you sick. RealRestores fixes any drywall problem you have in the fastest and most efficient matter possible. 

What are some signs you need a drywall repair service:

  • Small holes
  • Visible cracks
  • Peeling paint
  • Obvious warping or deforming
  • Miscolored paint
  • A damp feel to the touch
  • Unexplained cold or warmth

In many cases, an issue with your home may require you to tear into your drywall to access an impacted or broken feature like a plumbing line, gas pipe, electrical line, or so much more. These kinds of problems make major drywall repairs inevitable, and the team at RealRestores can take care of these repairs for you so your house feels like a home again. 

Providing turnkey disaster damage restoration services for home and business owners in Dallas and throughout Texas since 2016.

Drywall Patching

If a fluke accident has left a hole in your drywall, RealRestores can patch it and make it look as though nothing ever happened. A proper patch job gives you the ability to completely restore the look and integrity of your wall, thus also restoring the look and feel of your home. Drywall patching is generally simple and is something most homeowners can do. However, significant damage across one wall or multiple instances of damage across a property may require professional patching. Likewise, a piece of drywall that is too badly damaged simply needs to be replaced.

Has your home suffered drywall damage? For replacements or major repairs, contact RealRestores at (469) 489-5561.

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